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Thunder Thighs Hopper Kit

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Thunder Thighs Hopper Kit

Thunder Thighs Hopper Kit

Price: from $6.00
Product code: 766

Tie your own Thunder Thighs Hopper! Enough to tie 12 flies. The kits come in 2 different sizes: small (hook size 12-14), medium (hook size 10-12).

Kit includes: 12 pre-cut two-tone foam bodies, 12 pre-cut 1mm foam wings, two-tone foam strips for thunder legs, mini rubber leg material, black foam eye strips, hi-vis foam post strips

Now available with 12 Dai-Riki #730 2xl hooks for $7.75:

Small Kit: Size 12 hooks
Medium Kit: Size 10 hooks

Without Hooks for $6.

Kit does not include: thread, tan dubbing, crystal flash

Step-by-step tying instructions can be found HERE on our blog.

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