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Montana Chubby Kit

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Montana Chubby Kit

Montana Chubby Kit

Price: from $4.00
Product code: 1032

Tie your own Montana Chubby Chernobyl. The kit includes unique, ultra-realistic Montana Pre-Cut body shapes, durable silicone legs, and high floating poly yarn.  Just add you favorite dubbing, like Ice Dub, and a durable 3xl long hook and you're ready to tie a dozen Chubby Chernobyls. Enough material to tie 12 flies.

The kit comes in large, medium and small sizes and a variety of different colors.

Now available with 12 Dai-Riki #710 3xl hooks for $5.75:

Small Kit: Size 12 hooks
Medium Kit: Size 10 hooks
Large Kit: Size 8 hooks

Or without hooks for $4.

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