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Fly Tying Accessories

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Dr Slick Synthetics Scissors
Dr Slick Synthetics Scissors

These scissors from Dr Slick are specifically designed for cutting heavy natural and synthetic materials.  Featuring heavy blades with large serrations for easily cutting through tough stuff like glo bug yarn, foam, leather, plastic, bead chain, lead, wire, and mylar. A must for all tying benches.


Zap-A-Gap Fly Fishing Glue
Zap-A-Gap Fly Fishing Glue

Our favorite adhesive for fly tying and fly fishing. The Zap-A-Gap Fly Fishing Glue comes in a .25oz bottle with a brush-on applicator and is great for fly tying, knotless line and leader connections and improving knot strength and smoothness.

This glue is a must for fly tying. It works on all types of materials and is perfect when tying with foam.



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