Fly Tying Recipes

Fly Recipes

Morrish Hopper

Morrish Hopper Recipe

Hook: Dai Riki 710 3xl nymph hook

Thread: Veevus 8/0 tan

Cutter: Double-edged razor blades. Best tool for cutting through thick foam.  Very sharp and very thin.

Foam: Pre-Cut Foam Morrish Body or 2mm-4mm  foam. Hopper body is carved out of  5mm of foam.

Legs: Size medium barred legs or Zebra Hopper Legs.

Post: 1mm orange fly tying foam.

Click HERE for full tying tutorial

Thunder Thighs

Thunder Thigh Hopper Recipe

Hook: Dai-Riki 730  2 x-long nymph hook.

Thread: Veevus 8/0.  Both great foam tying thread options.

Body:  Two-Tone foam with a total thickness of 4mm.

Underwing:  Micro flash, rootbeer color.

Wing:  1mm tan fly foam.

Legs:  Thinly sliced two-tone foam, super-flex material.  You can knot on any rubber leg material. The super-flex material is very durable and stays knotted to the foam strip with a simple over-hand knot.

Eyes:  2mm black foam strip.

Post:  2mm hi-viz foam strip.

Dubbing:  Tan dubbing of choice.

Thunder Thighs Hopper Kit: We offer kits on our store with bodies, wings, legs, hi-viz foam & black eye foam all in one kit!

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Slim Jim Hopper


Hook: Dai Riki 710 sizes 4-16 (3xl nymph hook)

Thread:  8/o Veevus (match thread to fuzzy foam color)

Body: 2mm Fuzzy Foam or MH Fuzzy Bodies

Wing: Chubby Wing (poly)

Legs: Zebra Hopper Legs

Post: 1mm Orange Foam 

Click HERE for full tying tutorial

Chubby Chernobyl

Chubby Chernobyl

Hook: Dai Riki 730 sz. 8-12.

Thread: Brown Veevus 8/0

Dubbing: SLF Kaufmann Golden Stone or Dave Whitlock Golden Brown

Tail: Pearl Crystal Flash

Foam: 2mm tan foam, or pre-cut foam bodies

Wing: Poly Wing Material, 1 strand

Legs: Tan Superflex Legs, barred with sharpie

We also have a Montana Chubby Kit on the store that is similar to the Chubby Chernobyl but with a custom body shape. The kit includes bodies, legs, and poly wing.

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Pink Pookie

Pink Pookie

Hook: Dai-Riki #730 sz. 8

I like to use 2xl nymph hooks for most hopper patterns.  These hooks are very durable.

Thread: Veevus 8/0 in Red for a contrast color or Pink.  I usually tie most of my hoppers with a contrast color thread.

Foam: 2mm fly tying foam.  Tan foam for the wing, pink for the belly.

Under-Wing: Natural deer hair.

Post: 2mm fly tying foam – Orange

Legs: Medium yellow/black barred rubber legs

Click HERE for full tying tutorial

Carnage Hopper

Carnage Hopper

Hook:  Dai-Riki #730 nymph hook.  For the last few years I’ve been tying all my foam hoppers on nymph hooks because of their durability, plus my hoppers seem to land upright more often with the heavier hooks.

Thread:  Tan Veevus 8/0

Body:  1mm fly tying foam

Over-wing:  MFC Flex-wing.

Back Legs:  Round medium legs.  Natural color

Head:  6mm foam

Post: White poly yarn

Front legs:  Tan Superflex Legs.

Dubbing:  Dry fly dubbing to match body color.

Click HERE for full tying tutorial

Simple Foam Caddis


Hook:Dai Riki 060 or standard 1xl dry fly hook

Thread/Body: Iridescent Veevus Thread – Olive

Underwing: 1mm tan, cinnamon or brown foam

Wing: Poly Wing – 1/2 strand

Hackle: Grizzly Hackle

Click HERE for full tying tutorial

Thunder Beetle


Hook: Dai Riki 710 (3xl nymph hook)

Thread: Veevus 8/0 Black

Body: 3mm Black Foam

Underbody: Peacock Herl

Eyes: 2mm foam strip

Thunderthighs Legs: 1mm foam strip, Superflex

Front legs: Black Superflex

Wing: Poly Wing

Click HERE for full tying tutorial

Chubby Ant

Chubby Ant Recipe

Hook:  Dai Riki 730 sizes 12-18 (2xl nymph hook)

Thread: Black 8/0

Body: 1mm Black Foam, cut into hook-gap wide strip

Wing:  1 strand Chubby Poly Wing

Legs: Zebra Hopper Legs – Black Fine

Click HERE for full tying tutorial